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Our Values

Cultural Values

Powerhouse aspires to the following cultural values:

We value relationships

Our success is built on the quality of relationships we have with each other; supported by open and honest communication and respect for the contribution of each individual. We listen to and learn from each other and we act on the needs of our customers, investors, colleagues and the community.

We embrace change and strive for growth

We embrace change collectively and individually and acknowledge that the continued growth of PVL keeps it viable and competitive. We support each other to cope with change and ensure our team is informed, skilled and flexible.

We do what we say

We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and meet our commitments. We engage with every customer and investor and we are determined to exceed their expectations.

We celebrate success

We take pride in achievement and through excellence strive to succeed. Through our actions, customers, investors and staff will be our best advocates.

We are committed to a sustainable community

As a responsible corporate citizen we participate in and contribute to, the quality of life of the community around us. Our actions demonstrate care for the community and the environment we live in.

Those covered by this Code are expected to embrace the PVL Cultural Values and through their behaviours and actions demonstrate commitment to the Values.