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Syft Technologies - Graduate Mathematician / Statistician

Job Type: Full-time
Job Status: Current
Posted: 2/16/2017
Closes: 3/30/2017
Location: Christchurch

Job Description

As the only company in the world that produce commercial whole air analysers using the SIFT-MS technique, Syft are world leaders in their field. Applications and Development team members are constantly applying their scientific, mathematical, and engineering skills and as a result, Syft products and their applications are constantly evolving. Currently, Syft are seeking a recent graduate with ability in applied mathematics and statistics to join the team in a role which will blur the lines between mathematics, statistical analysis, chemistry, and engineering. Skills in statistical modelling or numerical solving of differential equations will be particularly valuable.

All roles at Syft are highly collaborative, so the successful candidate will need to demonstrate a strong ability to communicate. They will be able to show the ability and enthusiasm to adopt their own projects from an early stage. An aptitude for engineering or some practical knowledge is a bonus, but is not a requirement. Similarly, some basic knowledge of chemistry would be an advantage.

At Syft, the right role opens for the right person. We play to the strengths of our employees, and encourage our staff to constantly learn and to find their niche within the company.

How to Apply

To apply, please go to, or email with your CV and cover letter.