Science and Entrepreneurship

Dr Rachel Wright, who runs the SCIE programme

Scientific and technical commercialisation for profit and public good

Dr Rachel Wright has designed a programme made up of two Science and Entrepreneurship papers and the Graduate Certificate in Science, Innovation and Entrepreneurship for the University of Canterbury. She now delivers them as powerHouse’s education manager at both UC and Lincoln University.

The programme has been designed to create innovative and entrepreneurial graduates who understand how scientific and technological innovations can be created into new business ventures, whether within an existing company or in a start-up.

We offer students basic business skills and knowledge that will be useful whether they want to start up their own business or make a difference in an established company. The programme is designed to give them a good understanding of how to commercialise scientific or technological ideas, inventions, services or devices.

Students learn how to commercialise an idea, how high value technology companies work and how to be more innovative in a science or technology based business.

The courses can also be tailored for scientists employed at universities, CRIs and other science or technology research organisations.

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