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Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities

Powerhouse holds a Securities Act (Venture Capital Schemes) Exemption Notice 2008
that effectively lowers the cost of raising capital for startup businesses, meaning investee companies meeting certain criteria are not required to issue a prospectus.

This enables Powerhouse to offer investors registered with the scheme access to deal flow sourced from our relationships with Universities and Crown Research Institutes, along with private ventures.

Powerhouse registered investors gain early access to follow-on and co-investment opportunities with high value technology ventures screened and shaped by Powerhouse. We also invite our investor community to mentor our entrepreneurs who are leading the growth of the portfolio companies or take governance or industry advisor roles in Powerhouse companies.

Investors and businesses must be registered to participate. There is no cost to being a registered investor, nor is there any obligation to invest.

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Please note

Investing in projects and businesses promoted via the Powerhouse scheme is different from investing in other products. Powerhouse cannot guarantee that all investment opportunities will be presented to all registered investors, and Powerhouse may accept or decline an investor’s application for registration at its absolute discretion. If you wish to become a registered investor it is important that you understand and accept the following:

  • that a high degree of risk may attach to investments in the Powerhouse scheme;
  • the potential low liquidity of Powerhouse scheme investments may make it difficult to sell your investment;
  • that returns, if any, from Powerhouse scheme investments may be deferred and irregular.

Although Powerhouse reviews the information that is provided by its registered businesses upon completion of a registered business information pack, you should be aware that Powerhouse is not responsible for the accuracy of this information. Any investment proposal taken up as a result of any information obtained through the Powerhouse scheme is done so at the registered investor’s discretion and risk. No individual offer of securities under the Powerhouse scheme is approved or endorsed by the Financial Markets Authority. The Powerhouse scheme is promoted via our web site and various paper publications.


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