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Our companies: world-class research solving world-changing problems

Portfolio Overview

Powerhouse’s Investment Portfolio is diverse with exposure to four broad sectors:

  • Environmental and Agritech;
  • Engineering and Cleantech;
  • Healthcare and Medical Devices; and,
  • Information and Communication Technologies.

The companies in this Investment Portfolio have a combined enterprise value of approximately $112 million. More than 80% of that amount resides in the value of the largest five companies, many of which have made significant progress in the last twelve months towards achieving key milestones and commercial viability.

Powerhouse’s portfolio currently contains 19 companies.

The financial and operational performance of Powerhouse can be best assessed by the change in Fair Value of the investments in Portfolio Companies. In aggregate, the Fair Value of the Powerhouse portfolio has grown by approximately 30% per annum with an historical internal rate of return (IRR) of 35%. Timing of investment rounds and market volatility can mean that this does not always give an accurate reflection of the progress made by individual Portfolio Companies.