3D smart models mean better building projects


BIMStop creates smart 3D content for architects. The content comes from the building industry suppliers who want architects to specify their products.

The online cross-platform service enables design professionals to specify products accurately, using the Building Information
Models (BIMs) that not only show what the products look like, but also contain all the specification information about each product.

Scott Barrington created the solution when training in architecture. He realised how much time architects waste in searching catalogues for products, then manually drawing them into plans. He also saw how prone the process was to human error that could cause issues like leaky homes and contract disputes.

Scott was able to make models of products that he could drag and drop into plans, which would take all their specifications with them, regardless of what 3D design platform the architect used.

Finished models are distributed to architects globally via BIMstop’s proprietary online library BIMstop.com. There are more than 8000 architects signed up to BIMStop. If architects use models of a given manufacturer’s product when creating plans and designs, there is a three-in-four likelihood that those products will be used in the final build, which makes BIMStop an excellent sales channel for manufacturers.

From the architects’ perspective, BIMStop offers access to an extensive, multi-format library of up-to-date and content-rich BIMs, saving them considerable time when creating plans and mitigating the risk of human error. It also makes a difference for builders, who were in the past left to make sense of inaccurate or inconsistent specification and design.

Building industry demand enabled Scott to set up his business and start to get sales. Working with powerHouse, he has been able to consolidate the business. In the long term, Scott sees the business influencing specification standards in the construction industry, and leading the way to a more robust design and construction process that creates value for architects, manufacturers, builders and their end customers.

BIMStop was named a finalist in the 2011 Deloitte Fast 50 Rising Stars Awards and in the Ministry of Science and Innovation Start-up Award category of the 2012 Hi-Tech Awards.

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