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Workplace Diversity Guidelines

The Company has in place diversity criteria in its Recruitment and Selection Guidelines, which includes but is not limited to gender, age, religious belief, ethnicity and cultural background.

Promoting and Valuing Diversity

PVL has a diverse workforce and aims to provide a safe and harmonious environment for employees of all ages, gender, religion, nationality and sexual orientation.

Employees are expected to demonstrate:

  • behaviour that does not intentionally cause offence to colleagues or clients;
  • discretion, in relation to their own and others personal relationships and sexual conduct;
  • due regard for people’s rights and wellbeing, as physical, sexual or psychological harassment will not be tolerated in any form; and,
  • tolerance, forbearance and an open mind, as racial or religious vilification or intimidatingor bullying behaviour will not be tolerated.

Employees may not engage in behaviour which excludes others on the basis of age, gender, religion, nationality or sexual orientation