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Dr Geoff Rodgers - Seismic damping solutions for buildings and joint implant diagnostics

Photo: University of Canterbury. Copyright remains with UC. 

Dr Geoff Rodgers is one of five talented engineers (including Professors Geoff Chase, Alessandro Palermo, technician Gavin Keats, and Assistant Professor Mustafa Mashal) behind the technology of one of our newest portfolio companies; 2.2gForce.

Together, they have developed energy dampers aka. "shock absorbers" that dissipate the kinetic energy of movement and cushion the impact between structures.

Dr Geoff Rodgers himself, has a strong track record of working closely with industry to develop research outcomes with significant benefit to society. His research has applications in fields from seismic protection system for structures through to medical devices.

Mechanical seismic dampers he developed to dissipate kinetic energy of seismic waves penetrating a building structure are in use in a low-damage Hospital complex in Christchurch. He is also working on other devices and deployment opportunities locally and internationally.


KiwiNet's video below includes an interview with Geoff Rodgers and demonstrates the energy dampers in action. 


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