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HydroWorks To Provide 5 Mini Hydro Turbines For Melbourne Water

HydroWorks Limited, a Christchurch based hydro engineering company, is pleased to announce that it has successfully commissioned five mini‐hydro energy recovery systems (“Climate Defenders”) for the Melbourne Water Department (“Melbourne Water”).

The plants are located within Melbourne Water’s existing urban water supply network and have been designed to recover the excess energy present in the flowing water, convert it to electricity and export it into the Melbourne electricity network. The excess energy is a by‐product of the height differences between Melbourne’s main water storage reservoirs and Melbourne’s inner suburb reservoirs and was “wasted” to the environment. HydroWorks plants trap and use that energy and give it back to the community. The Climate Defenders are located at Mt Waverley, Dandenong North, Wantirna, Boronia reservoirs and Cardinia Creek pumping station.

HydroWorks’ is committed to the principles of environmental sustainability and supports initiatives by clients to make use of energy sources that would otherwise be wasted. HydroWorks Climate Defenders are an exemplification of this commitment, harnessing energy for the community from within the community.

Climate Defenders are designed and assembled by HydroWorks using their own high‐efficiency mini‐hydro
turbines (designed and manufactured in New Zealand) along with equipment from internationally‐accredited
suppliers. Each of the plants is acoustically treated to Victorian legislative requirements and designed to
Melbourne Water’s high engineering standards, ensuring that the plant will remain safe, quiet and reliable
with no impact on the surrounding community.

Of the five new plants, the Mt Waverley plant will produce the largest amount of electricity, with the site creating approximately 2270 megawatt hours of electricity per year ‐ enough to power about 462 homes. With the addition of the five new plants, Melbourne Water will produce more than 69,500 megawatts hours of power per year via hydroelectric generation.

Christchurch based Mitton Electronet provided the electrical design for the Climate Defenders, which have numerous applications, and can be used across a number of industries including water municipalities, industrial businesses, irrigation schemes, and more. HydroWorks Climate Defenders are designed to generate power from a range of different water conditions, be easily deployable and require minimum investment and expertise to operate.

Andrew Rodwell, Managing Director of HydroWorks, said: “We are very proud to have been selected and to have provided Melbourne Water with such an innovative series of mini‐hydro generation plants. Our products are the result of years of design refinement and are at the forefront of renewable and sustainable energy options.

“HydroWorks has developed an innovative solution to the issue of energy wastage, as the HydroWorks Climate Defender harnesses energy that would otherwise be lost. It is a win for the environment and a win for water consumers.”

Ian Royston, Senior Project Manager at Melbourne Water, said: “The specialist hydro team at Melbourne Water is at the forefront of the industry, and we identified HydroWorks as a potential partner for this project, based on their ability to minimise energy costs, and their commitment to renewable energy.

“Electricity is one of the biggest costs for water authorities and Projects like this assist greatly in driving down
these costs and reducing water bills for households.”

About HydroWorks
HydroWorks specialises in the design and manufacture of hydro turbines and associated equipment, optimizing their application for the specific needs of electricity generation customers. With their partners, they offer turnkey, water to wire solutions internationally. Based in Christchurch, NZ, HydroWorks has been involved in the design of water turbines and pumps since 2001.

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