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Invert Robotics recently captured the imagination of global industry leaders

Powerhouse Portfolio Company, Invert Robotics, has recently captured the imagination of global industry leaders. 

Invert Robotics has been chosen as one of only 10 companies from around the world as winners of an agreement for further development by AkzoNobel, along with KMPG, in a global challenge held in Sweden this month!

A big congratulations from the Powerhouse team!


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The technology behind Invert Robotics’ original robot ‘Alfie’ was recognised as life-saving and will keep more workers safe from the need to enter confined spaces, such as in the industrial chemical and energy sectors, when undertaking critical equipment inspections.  

As a company, Invert Robotics has moved from the start-up to rapid growth stage largely due to its safety and efficiency benefits demonstrated through its European and Australasian client base in the dairy and food and beverage processing industries. 

 “Robotic devices prevent worker injury and death, often caused when workers enter a confined space and are overcome by carbon dioxide asphyxiation or inhalation of other hazardous gases,” said Invert Robotics’ Managing Director, Neil Fletcher.

 “The Invert Robotic team is dedicated to developing technology that will change the future of inspections in confined spaces.  With no need for scaffolding or workers in safety equipment, Invert Robotics now offers its service worldwide in order to reduce this type of serious workplace risk.” 

 “Our ultimate goal is to eliminate the need for people to ever have to enter any confined spaces,” Fletcher said.