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X-ray 2.0: inside the human body, in incredible colour | Anthony and Phil Butler | TEDxChristchurch

Co-Founders of Powerhouse portfolio company MARS Bioimaging, Professors Anthony and Phil Butler, recently gave a talk at TEDxChristchurch about their outstanding full colour X-ray technology. 

MARS Bioimaging is bringing ‘colour’ to medical X-ray imaging through its world-leading spectral X-ray computed tomography (CT) technology. 

Their 3D colour x-ray scanner could replace the millions of CT scans that carried out each year. Clinical trials with the scanner are starting early next year, with body part scanners for patients expected to be available in the coming years.

MARS scanners generate multi-energy images with high spectral and high spatial resolution, with low noise. This allows functional imaging by simultaneously identifying and quantifying various components of soft tissues, bone, cartilage as well as endogenously administered contrast agents, nano-particles and pharmaceuticals in a single scan.  

Watch Anthony and Phil's TED Talk below, as they discuss how they have brought the traditional X-ray into the modern world with colour.