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CropLogic uses crop models developed from over 30 years of advanced crop research by Plant & Food Research and its predecessor Crop and Food Research, both based in Lincoln, NZ. These models require high-quality input data regarding soil, climate and crop imaging. CropLogic installs the necessary weather, rain and soil sensors to gather this data.

CropLogic provides high-value daily input prescriptions, mainly water and fertiliser, and yield forecasts to growers in whatever format they want – SMS, email, app, fax etc. For this service, growers pay an annual per acre subscription.

Potatoes are a global crop with the largest producing countries being China, India, Russia, Ukraine and the United States.

CropLogic has an exclusive licence for Plant & Food Research’s potato model and has demonstrated its technology through trials in New Zealand and in the North-west United States with Lamb Weston (ConAgra) – North America’s premier potato company. CropLogic has options for other crop models, including wheat, corn, maize, grapes and peas.

Powerhouse has been instrumental in establishing CropLogic and shaping its strategic direction. This has been facilitated by Powerhouse representation on CropLogic’s Board and through select Powerhouse staff taking on management roles within the company.

The really big problem in agricultural productivity is making sure we all have enough to eat.

Global population is anticipated to increase to 9.5 billion people by 2050, requiring a 70% increase in agricultural productivity. Not only are we lagging behind where we need to be, our future productivity needs to be achieved against a background of higher input costs, water restrictions and more marginal land.

Even something as simple as changing the times you irrigate can have a dramatic effect on yield.

CropLogic’s forecast yields increase anywhere from 2–20%, with an average of 5% for no increase in input costs – the same amount of water over the season, just applied at Croplogic-determined times. Even top performing fields have scope for improvement.

As well as increasing productivity, CropLogic’s forecasting can make a big difference to the grower’s bottom line.

For a potato farmer, a 5% increase in yield with no increase in input costs can increase a grower’s profitability by 50%.