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Hapai Transfer Systems

HT Systems is a NZ company established in January 2018 to develop an innovative patient transfer aid.

Founder, Keith Alexander, has been working on his patient transfer aid invention over the last two decades, supported by the University of Canterbury. Keith is the inventor behind the Springfree trampoline which has gone on to be a global commercial success.

HT Systems made their first sale in July 2019 and are working on proving themselves as a viable alternative to traditional manual handling equipment in NZ healthcare.

Their innovative Kera patient transfer aid quickly and easily assists a single carer to transfer people who can't move for themselves between sitting positions. Current methods of moving people are slow, cumbersome and expensive and the result is over 4 injuries to health care workers per day in NZ. The simple mechanical transfer aid is light, quick and easy to use and the small footprint makes it ideal for negotiating tight spots and convenient to store.