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Hapai Transfer Systems

HT Systems is a start-up company developing a range of innovative low force lift and transfer devices to radically improve the independence and mobility of frail patients.

Formed in 2018, they are utilising over two decades of product development and technology by researchers from the University of Canterbury.


Innovative customer lead design

HT Sytem's innovative patient lifter concept will be used to assist frail and immobile patients to be transferred by a carer between sitting positions. 

Using their lifter, a carer can easily pivot the patient around their centre of gravity without the need for bulky power units. 

Their design team is working with carers and patients in real home situations to make sure they provide a comfortable, safe and easy to use solution.


Ideal for home care

HT Systems innovative patient lifter concept is quick and easy to use, lightweight, manoeuvrable and easily stored or transported making it ideal for home care situations. 

They are focused on providing the ultimate solution to help make everyday living easier when supporting a frail or incapacitated loved one.