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Inhibit Coatings

The marine and aquaculture industries face significant fouling issues, resulting in decreased yield, increased operating costs and increased corrosion. Antifouling coatings are utilised extensively however they are typically expensive, ineffective or pose significant risks to the environment. The current industry standard, copper-based antifouling paints, are widely used but are highly toxic.

Inhibit Coating’s surface coatings display strong antimicrobial activity against E. coli, and also prevent the settlement of diatoms (microscopic algae). Preliminary antifouling tests show very good static resistance to biofouling in the New Zealand marine environment.

Inhibit Coatings’ novel coatings utilise very low biocide concentrations, <1%, and have demonstrated extremely low leaching rates, providing robust coatings with a long antifouling lifetime and minimal environmental impact.