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Invert Robotics

Invert Robotics provides non-destructive inspection services using mobile climbing robots. The proprietary robotic platform can be used for the inspection of mission and business critical assets in the dairy, food and beverage, aviation, petrochemical, and industrial chemical markets.

Industrial assets are increasingly required by law to be maintained to a specified level in order to remain in-service.  Conventional maintenance typically requires a technician to physically enter and/or traverse the asset to inspect it and either identify defects or confirm working order. This process is time consuming, inefficient, prone to human error and can deliver low quality data, whilst being a hazardous work practice.

Invert’s robot displaces the human inspection methods by enabling remote inspection of critical assets. The robots are equipped with high definition cameras and other sensor technology that allow equipment to be assessed for cracks, defects and malfunctioning components. Defects invisible to the naked eye, that are not yet a problem, can be detected allowing for more precise planning of maintenance work and capital expenditure.

Inspectors are fed real-time video during the inspection that allows immediate and highly accurate analysis. An automated summary is delivered immediately to clients and a formally reviewed report is delivered within 3 days of an inspection.

The robotic inspection solution allows clients to manage and minimise their exposure to risk, be it risk of harm to employees/contractors using manual inspection techniques, risk of unplanned production downtime or risk of product/environmental contamination due to inadequate inspection quality.

Invert has successfully disrupted the NZ dairy inspection market to become a leading service provider and is building a solid sales base in the same sector in Europe and Australia, with prospective sales in new regions including North America, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Invert is in a high-growth phase, expanding its dairy, food and beverage inspection service globally whilst also entering aviation, petrochemical and other markets with cornerstone customers.

Invert recently raised a significant capital round to support continued growth in the EU dairy sector, development of dairy sector oppor­tunities in the Asia Pacific region and the Americas, and continued expansion into aviation and chemical markets.