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Tiro Medical

Tiro Medical develops tools for the Digital Medicine sector, creating products that enhance the diagnostic and treatment decision making processes, improving the standard of care whilst reducing expenditure. Tools that enable clinicians to make more informed and more accurate decisions.

These tools utilise a core capability of ‘Digital Physiological Analysis’ (DPA): the processing of large amounts of digital data into insightful, clinically valuable metrics. This capability has been derived from over a decade of R&D collaborations between Academia, Healthcare and Industry.

DPA has the potential to be beneficial to multiple areas of the healthcare industry, from point-of-care through to departmental and organisational monitoring, review and refinement.

During the past 14 years the University of Canterbury (New Zealand) has been developing DPA for several clinical applications. Headed by Professor Geoff Chase, a university research group have accumulated a library of algorithms which have undergone clinical validation at healthcare facilities across New Zealand and Europe.

Tiro Medical was formed in 2014 as a commercialisation platform for DPA technologies. Several of these technologies have undergone in-depth assessment against key commercialisation criteria, with two technologies surpassing the requirements for commercial advancement: a breast cancer screening system and an ICU decision support platform.

Other DPA opportunities are under incubation, to be accelerated based upon company and market triggers.