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Portfolio Overview

Powerhouse’s business model is to form companies based on intellectual property developed at universities, other research intensive organisations and publicly funded research institutes in New Zealand and Australia.

Powerhouse invests in and supports companies that are seeking to commercialise technology in these sectors:

  • cleantech and engineering;
  • digital and ICT;
  • agritech and environmental; and
  • medical and healthcare.

Cleantech and Engineering

Powerhouse focuses on advanced materials and clean energy solutions for general engineering and cleantech customers.

During the year Powerhouse sold its holding in Syft Technologies for a 10x uplift over the original purchase price.

Digital and ICT

Powerhouse invests in ICT companies that are aimed at revolutionising their industries, from language learning, to mobile consumer marketing and building design specification.

The last year saw a mixture of international expansion, with Modlar strengthening its US presence to drive growth, and young business Fluent Scientific began the process of validating its technology to international markets. Modlar raised an additional $1m of capital independently of Powerhouse. Fluent Scientific also raised $1m in late 2016 recognising an uplift in their share price.

Agritech and Environmental

Powerhouse invests in technologies that contribute to overcoming global agritech and environmental challenges, such as providing a rapidly growing population with safe, high-quality food in a sustainable way.

CropLogic, Veritide and Invert Robotics have made significant progress in deepening customer engagement through trials and in validating their business models. Veritide and Invert Robotics are planning significant expansion capital rounds in the coming year. CropLogic completed its IPO on the ASX in September 2017, validating Powerhouse's "IP to IPO" model.

Medical and Healthcare

Powerhouse has been investing in medical and healthcare technologies more actively since 2014, with an emphasis on products that are improving diagnosis and treatments of many medical conditions to change patient outcomes without compromising quality.

Powerhouse has driven further growth in this sector with additional investments in new portfolio companies Ferronova and Objective Acuity. Avalia, Upstream, AuramerBio, Hi-Aspect and Tiro Medical are all poised for substantial growth and world-changing appreciation of their technologies.