The powerHouse Venture Capital Scheme

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powerHouse has been approved as a designated Venture Capital Scheme Administrator by the Financial Markets Authority under the Securities Act (Venture Capital Schemes) Exemption Notice 2008.

As a Venture Capital Scheme Administrator, we are now one of a select group of organisations able to promote business investment opportunities to any person who has registered their interest with us. We are growing the powerHouse investor network and looking forward to introducing our investors to new opportunities.


The Securities Act 1978 regulates how securities can be offered to members of the public. However, the very same provisions that are designed to inform the public about investment opportunities can often prevent small to medium businesses from even starting the fund-raising process.

To overcome this problem, the Financial Markets Authority has designated ten organisations to administer approved venture capital schemes. As a designated scheme administrator, powerHouse and the companies registered in the powerHouse scheme, operate under a detailed Code of Practice and are exempt from many of the provisions of the Securities Act.

This enables us to match our registered portfolio companies with our registered investors. We can help our registered businesses to raise up to $5m without the need to register a prospectus or undertake investor eligibility assessments. The powerHouse scheme also gives our registered investors the opportunity to invest in our hand picked selection of early stage technology companies without the need to provide investor eligibility certificates.

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If you are passionate about helping high tech startups in New Zealand to grow, and want to learn more about becoming a powerHouse registered investor, click here for more information.

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If you are a small to medium high tech business and you are looking for investment, click here to learn more about becoming a powerHouse registered business.