• ArcActive

    Company: ArcActive

    Website: www.arcactive.com/

    About: Battery technology to extend the life of lead-acid batteries in idle emission applications. Technology developed at the University of Canterbury.

  • CropLogic

    Company: CropLogic

    Website: www.croplogic.com

    About: Decision support software used by crop growers and processors to improve yield. Developed by Plant and Food Research.

  • Hydroworks

    Company: Hydroworks

    Website: www.hydroworks.co.nz

    About: High-efficiency turbines for electricity generation designed using proprietary computational fluid dynamics software. Power range from 200 kW to 30 MW. Targeting in-race and small hydro applications in Oceania.

  • Indigo Systems

    Company: Indigo Systems

    Website: www.indigosystems.net.nz/

    About: Environmental monitoring through a low-power, high-range wireless mesh network of sensors. Used by the horticulture and crop industries for measuring soil moisture and temperatures. Originally developed at the University of Canterbury.

  • Invert Robotics

    Company: Invert Robotics

    Website: http://invertrobotics.com/

    About: Invert Robotics has breakthrough technology enabling robots to climb a range of industrial surfaces. This technology is used to inspect industrial vessels quickly and safely. Technology developed at the University of Canterbury.

  • KOTI technologies

    Company: Koti Technologies

    Website: http://www.kotitechnologies.com/

    About: Koti is pushing the boundaries of traditional coating systems in a wide range of applications including Silicon wafer manufacture, aerospace and general manufacturing. Technology developed at the University of Canterbury.

  • Lasadex

    Company: Lasadex


    About: Large scale DNA extraction technology, especially for soil.

  • MARS Bioimaging

    Company: MARS Bioimaging

    Website: www.marsbioimaging.com/

    About: Colour x-ray CT imaging. This technology was developed at the University of Canterbury and CERN.

  • MODLAR title=

    Company: MODLAR

    Website: http://www.modlar.com/

    About: Building Information Modelling is a new way of approaching the design and documentation of building projects. Computer aided design (CAD) models that hold product information.

  • MOTIM Technologies

    Company: MOTIM Technologies

    Website: www.motim-technologies.com/

    About: Mobile advertising using virtual reality technology. A spin-out company from the University of Canterbury.

  • Photonic Innovations

    Company: Photonic Innovations

    Website: www.photonicinnovations.com/

    About: Reliable, calibration-free gas detection using laser spectroscopy. This technology was developed at the University of Otago.

  • SolarBright

    Company: SolarBright

    Website: www.solarbright.co.nz/

    About: Solar-powered LED lighting for roading and industrial environments including black ice warning systems.

  • Syft

    Company: Syft

    Website: www.syft.com/

    About: Super-nose technology for the detection of volative organic compounds. A spin-out from the University of Canterbury.

  • Thinking Cactus

    Company: Thinking Cactus


    About: Software environment for the rapid development of animations. Developed by the HITLab, University of Canterbury. Venture on-hold post Christchurch earthquakes.

  • Veritide

    Company: Veritide

    Website: www.veritide.com

    About: Real-time bacteria detection technology applied to the food industry for food safety and quality. Developed at the University of Canterbury.