powerHouse investment

These resources provide more detail about powerHouse and its initiatives.


About powerHouse  - company brochure (.pdf)

Mini About Us - flyer (.pdf)

Investing in Brilliance - powerHouse LP2 companies’ update (.pdf)

Summer of Brilliance - powerHouse summer internship programme (.pdf)

Video interviews

About powerHouse – powerHouse CEO Dr Steve Hampson explains the powerHouse mission in an interview with CTV’s Kineta Knight

Venture Out – Venture partner Tim Chapman discusses the powerHouse-Lincoln University initiative Venture Out with CTV’s Kineta Knight


ArcActive  - a negative electrode technology making Internal Combustion Engines more sustainable

Invert Robotics - climbing robots for industrial surface inspection

CropLogic - an online crop management system for potato growers

Hydroworks - water turbine design and manufacture

BIMStop (formerly Barrington Arch) - 3D smart models for architects